Update on the AMRC

1 – Another Three Seminars,

Last week we had the pleasure to host Dc. Damien Foster,  Professor Mike Moore, and Professor Nerses Anaikian who respectively presented their work on “Lattice Polymers and other Animals”, “The Nature of the Ordered Phase of Spin Glasses” and  “Magnetization Plateau and Entanglement in Antiferromagetic Metal-containing Polymers”.

2 – Summer School  at Warwick University,

Warwick University (joint with Queen Mary University of London) organised a 3 days Summer School on Complexity. Thanks to the organizers: Charo I Del Genio, Stefan Grosskinsky and Rosemary Harris.

4 short lecture series were given covering topics in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, complex systems and complex networks.

  • Tibor Antal (Edinburgh) : biological applications
  • Ginestra Bianconi (Queen Mary, London) : complex networks and their applications
  • Tobias Galla (Manchester) : theoretical background on non-equilibrium systems, aspects of game theory
  • Vivien Lecomte (Paris) : theoretical background on large deviation functions (LDFs).

2 – Workshop at Warwick University,

The summer school was followed by a workshop on Interacting Particle Models in the Physical, Biological and Social Sciences. I had the pleasure to meet for the second time with Tibor Antal from Edinburgh Univeristy, who introduced me to Paul Krapivsky from Boston University. Needless to say how much I enjoyed talking with them.


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