Mathematics Meets Mythology in “Maths Meets Myths”

Today is the last day of an inspiring pilot workshop titled “Maths Meets Myths”.

This association between Mathematics and Mythology started about a year ago, when Professor Ralph Kenna and Padraig Mac Carron  developed a new approach to comparative mythology based on network theory. This work lead to a first publication titled Universal properties of mythological networks [EPL 99 (2012) 28002] . It has generated an enormous interest [see the interview  on BBC Radio 4  or the New York Times].

Over the last two days, scientists and researchers in humanities have been presenting their research works to each others. The discussions between the two communities was not always easy.  I was often confused but more often surprised and interested.

Now is emerging an exciting international project aiming to bring together natural scientists and humanities scholars to explore comparative mythology with new tools and a fresh point of view.

You will find much more informations and details on Maths Meets Myths webpage, which I strongly advice you to visit.


Maths Meets Myths (Coventry, July 2013)


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