This August, I spent about 10 days in Boston working with Dr. Rahul Kulkarni and Dr. Niraj Kumar on a common research project of bio physics. The three of us have solved a “simple”, yet not trivial, model of bio-physics in which DNA can be represented in two states (ON or OFF). DNA can generates a burst of proteins with a frequency which is going to depends of its state. When ON, the DNA can create burst after burst. On the other side when OFF, one has longer time period between each burst. Of course, proteins don’t live forever and can die or degrade. An important aspect of this model is the feedback effect. The switching process between the ON and OFF states is function of the number of proteins present in the cell. The more proteins in the cell the more likely is the transition from OFF to ON. What we are able to obtain is the probability distribution of the number of proteins in cell, as well as the probability of both the ON and OFF states. Our work will be soon ready for publication. For now we still have  bit of work in identifying the role of every parameter but more importantly get a clear understanding of the effect of the feedback parameter in protein noise.schema piccccc


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