Amanda Goodall: Why we need expert leaders in universities, hospitals & other settings

The works of Amanda Goodall is focused on the correlations between “manager’s expertise” and “success”. If we admit that “good management leads to better performance”, we surely should investigate what does define good management ?

Amanda Goodall will prove to you (with data to back it up) that “Experts, not managers, make the best leaders”. In her book Amanda shows that the performance of universities improves when led by presidents who are outstanding scholars. See here. Amanda explains why it is important for experts to be guided by expert leaders. Amanda raises the same statement in other sectors as well. One should mention that more and more hospitals are lead by managers with no expertise in medicine. In this field (but others too) it is of capital importance for managers to understand (best experience) what challenges are facing doctors and nurses everyday.

We will follow up on a related subject : How stress or well being affect your productivity. This leads to the work of Andrew Oswald (warwick university).


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