3. CV / Resume / Publications

My resume/CV with a complete list of my publications can be found here CVPlatini
You can also have a look at my Linkedin account for details on my professional experience, education and skills.

Professional Experience 

Since August 2012 – Senior Lecturer at Coventry University

1 – Research Interests :
i – Bio-Physics of Gene Expression, Network Theory and Socio-Physics,
ii – Non-Equilibrium Stat. and Quantum Mechanics, Open Quantum Systems.

2 – Teaching :

i – Practical Applications of Mathematics (Stochastic Process in Bio-Physics),
ii – Complex Variables and Linear Mathematics, (Module Leader)
iii – Abstract Algebra (An Introduction)
iv – I supervise the projects of final year students  as well as the work of a PhD student.

3 – Other activities :
i – Organise  the AMRC research seminars, manage the AMRC seminar budget
ii – Participate to Coventry Open Days by giving presentations of the research group activities.
iii – Participate to Induction Days


2010 – 2011 : Research Assistant, Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

While working at Virginia Bio Informatics Institute my research work was focused on Analytical Approaches of Stochastic Models for Gene Expression, and the Analysis of Epidemical Models evolving on Complex Networks,
Collaborators : Rahul Kulkarni and Stephen Eubank.
Act as Substitute Teacher : Optics, Bio-Physics, Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics


2008 – 2010 : Research Assistant, Department of Physics at Virginia Tech

While working in the department of physics at Virginia Tech, my work was focused on the Characterization of Non-Equilibrium Steady States for Stochastic Systems, and the Evolution of Networks Induced by Organizing Principles,
Collaborators : Royce Zia and Beate Schmittmann.


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