0. Welcome

Contact info, Resume / CV and a Publication List

Welcome to my Personal Page.

In the section “Home” you will find short posts about scientific activities at the AMRC such as update about seminars and workshops , or link to the work of visiting scientist at Coventry University.
In addition of a description of my research and teaching activities, you can find a short description of my professional experience (+CV academic version). 

I am currently working at Coventry University (UK) in the Applied Mathematics Research Center (AMRC) as a Senior Lecturer.

My responsibilities are divided between Research and Teaching.

My research interests are :
1 – Non-Equilibirum Stat. Mechanics. and Non-Equlibrium Quantum Mechanics
2 – Bio-Physics of Genes Expression
3 – Network Theory

I am teaching the following modules :
1 – Practical Applications of Mathematics (Stochastic Process in Bio-Physics)
2 – Complex Variables and Linear Mathematics
3 – Abstract Alegra (an introduction)

I also tutor first year students,  supervise students working on their final year project as well as co-supervised the work of a PhD student.

I am responsible for the organisation of the AMRC Seminars.

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